With summer vacation here, the time for relaxed reading has also arrived! Following are some ideas you and your children may find helpful as you share books together.
  • Plan a regular time and place for you and your child to read to each other and to discuss stories. Children of all ages need the kind of closeness that reading aloud offers.
  • Try to have your children read orally or silently every day for at least 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the age and developmental level of your child.
  • Reading levels and listening levels are different! Your child is able to listen to a book that is too difficult for her to read alone. This opens a whole range of “read-to” possibilities and means that it might be time for you to introduce her to some of your childhood favorites. Check with your local librarian if you are unsure of the appropriateness of your choices.
  • When you read to your children, you may want to:

    1. Discuss the illustrations
    2. Predict what the book is about
    3. Relate the book to your own experiences
    4. Stop to explain things your daughter may not know
    5. Talk about the author and illustrator.

  • Share reading with your child by alternate reading! You read a page and then your daughter reads a page.
  • Tape record favorite books so your child can listen to them over and over, even in the car!
  • Get your daughter her own library card at your local library! If you would like to use several library systems, ask for an “Access Pennsylvania” sticker for yourself and your daughter. Be sure to call ahead to ask about favorite titles. You will be told if your library owns them and if they are in. The librarian will hold a book for you at the checkout desk for about a week.
  • When your child chooses books for pleasure reading, she will enjoy them more and sustain her confidence by choosing books below her reading level at school. If you wonder whether a book is too difficult, have your daughter read aloud from a page in the middle of the book. If she misses more than 3 words, the book is too hard for fun reading.
  • Encourage your daughter to keep a journal by recording the day’s events and her feelings.
  • Take time, as often as possible, for everyone in the family to read silently. Show your child the value of reading by allowing her to see you read.

Have a wonderful, book-filled summer!